Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Ultra Rare Tracks remix 80s

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Ultra Rare Tracks


1. Relax – Warp Mix ( 3:05 ) This is a rare promo only mix of that first classic ( yes classic Frankie track )

2. Two Tribes – Hibakusha ( 6:27 ) The final solution. 5.000 copies only were pressed of this kicking version, get on top …Bang !!!

3. Welcome To The Pleasure Dome – Kzap edit ( 6:18 ) The rarest and best mix of this fab Frankie track, their 4th single. The worlds your oyster… including Floydish Guitar and Sisster Sledgish vocals.

4. Rage Hard – Freddie Bastone Remix ( 6:49 ) 1st track from Frankies second LP „Liverpool“, to be released as a single. Given the Freddie Bastone treatment, previously only available as a U.S. Promo 12″…until now.

5. Warriors Of The Wasteland – Raz. Maid Mix (7:38 ) Those Raz. Maid Boys… kiss their assets and make this trax a better place to be.

6. Watching The Wildlife – Condom Mix ( 6:12 ) Previously this mix was only available on the cassette single format. This is your reward.

7. Relax – Art Of Mix ( 5:25 ) Relax given the 1989 acid remix treatment by those techno friendly Art Of Noise people.

8. Frankie Goes To High Bronski – DMC ( 8:27 ) A great mix by the DMC Crew featuring two tribes, Evelyn Thomas ‚High Energy‘ and Bronski Beats ‚Small Town Boy‘. Where Sex & Horror are the new Gods….

9. Frankie Goes To War – DMC Remix ( 9:50 ) What is it good for…Absolutely…DMC ing say it again.

10. Change Of Hard – Rage Hard Remix DMC ( 5:15 ) One must finish where one’s started. The beginning is the end…Amen.

Total Time 65:28

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