Jimmy Somerville exclusive MP3 Live Mini-Album

Live Rewind 2014

We’re happy to announce Jimmy’s entire live set from ‪‎RewindSouth‬ will be available as an exclusive MP3 Live Mini-Album! From 9:00AM tomorrow, Friday, 29th August you can order this fantastic one-off live recording via the Concert Live website and Official 80’s Rewind Festival app. More details to come on where to order tomorrow at 9:00AM.

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  • Title: Live at Rewind Festival 2014
    Venue: Rewind Festival
    Tour date: 17 August 2014


    1. You Make Me Feel
    2. Why
    3. Never Can Say Goodbye
    4. To Love Somebody
    5. Smalltown Boy
    6. Don´t Leave Me This Way

    00:36:09 min

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