The Happy Prince (1996) Channel 4 Puppet Opera


Jimmy Somerville als kleine Schwalbe, ab 3.10 Minute!!

The Happy Prince (1996) Channel 4 Puppet Opera

This is the ‘lost’ adaptation of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, made in 1996 by Channel 4 Schools, using beautiful puppets and operatic music. It was not made commercially available to buy, and is unavailable to access through the TV archives. I apologise for the poor quality, as this is a copy of my VHS recording of the original broadcast, which is over 17 years old! I had to compress it too, as it was too big to process on YouTube in its original format. Hope you remember it and enjoy watching it again as much as I did!

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25. Februar 2013 Jens.S

Großartig was Du da wieder entdeckt hast – ein echtes “nachträgliches Weihnachtsgeschenk” das uns der Poster da gemacht hat – und das nicht nur für Jimmy-Fans. Bin gerührt!

27. Februar 2013 jsfanbase

…habs leider nicht gefunden!! Peter aus Frankreich wars…unser Freund mit dem Französischen Jimmy Blog. Es wurde in Facebook gepostet und da nicht alle an Facebook angeschlossen sind….kommen solche Raritäten hier rein!!!

Liebe Grüße an Euch da draussen!!

25. Februar 2013 Edward

Fantastic! What a great surprise. I had no idea Jimmy had done this.
Thanks for posting.

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